inkylinky by Liz Samways





jewellery & prints inspired by the landscape

About Liz Samways

I live in Leeds where I'm a jeweller & printmaker.  I came here to University from London in the early 90s to do my degree and never went back.


After some time spent in Sales & Marketing I retrained in horticulture and garden design.  Jewellery was always in the background, as I had started being taught by Roger Barnes after finishing my degree and continued to develop my work.  After learning a lot about printmaking through classes, workshops and friends, I started to use some of its techniques in my jewellery.  I did my first Makers Fair in 2011and haven't looked back.


I love the way you can make marks in so many different ways, and mix and match techniques and materials to create new effects.  It can be unpredictable, but that to me is the joy as it's never boring and won't be the same as something somebody else is doing and therefore won't be like anything somebody else is wearing.


The excitement of removing a resist from a jewellery piece to see what's underneath, opening the enamelling kiln or printing off a plate for the first time is what keeps me coming back for more.....and more.



You can read more about my experiments with techniques on my blog, and the techniques page of the site, together with some info on the things which influence my work.


I sell at various local events and Makers/Art Fairs a bit further afield if I'm feeling adventurous.  I also st galleries and shops in the Yorkshire Area and beyond.  I'm not selling through an online shop for the time being, but you can check out news about stockists and my whereabouts on the stockists page, and follow me on Facebook and Twitter for up to date news, and pearls of wisdom you never knew you needed to know.

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