inkylinky by Liz Samways





jewellery & prints inspired by the landscape


Some of the things which inspire me.

The Landscape


I'm very lucky to have Yorkshire on my doorstep, and that alone is enough to inspire even the most soulless of souls.

I particularly like to use images on a flat plane, as viewed from a train window, or on aerial views.  I love the stripes of a ploughed field or the patterns and shapes created by fences, boundaries or groups of houses.  I'm also partial to a bit of dereliction, but that's another story.

Samuel Palmer

Landscape Painters

During my Art History degree I was too busy studying all the theory to look at many pictures.  However I have since been able to appreciate the work of English landscape painters such as Ben Nicholson, Graham Sutherland, Eric Ravilious and, further back, Samuel Palmer (responsible for my addiction to Sepia ink).



Before I got interested in printmaking I really couldn't see the point.  I thought it was just a way of reproducing things and why would anyone want to do that?  Once I tried it, and started getting to know the work of some contemporary artists, I saw the light.  I particularly like the work of Robert Taverner, Ross Loveday, Mark Hearld, Ann Desmet and of course my printmaking advisor and owner of the studio where I print, Cath Brooke.

Fifties Cropped

The Fifties

I do wish I could travel back in time to the 1980s of my youth and snaffle all the mid-century goodies from the Oxfam shop.  In fact I stilll remember a cocktail cabinet I had to leave at a jumble sale because I couldnt get it on the bus.....anyway......I'm a massive fan of 1950s surface pattern design, especially, of course, Lucienne Day.  I love her markmaking, the way she exploits the flat plane and the overlapping 'randomness' of her patterns.